A Day in the Life of an SR&ED Claims Team Manager – Rachel Gandy

Date: February 17, 2021

Hi, I’m Rachel and I’ve been part Catax Canada since June 2019.

I’m an avid Disney fan, a member of the Womens Institute (WI) and live in Manchester, UK with my husband our house bunny, Prince Lennard Fluffybum (Lenny for short).

Prior to coming to Catax Canada, I was part of our UK company, Catax, and was a Technical Account Manager. I joined Catax Canada as a TAM, and over the last 6 months have been promoted to a Senior TAM, quickly followed by (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) SR&ED Claims Team Manager.

So what is a TAM? Just like any company, Catax Canada loves a good abbreviation! TAM stands for Technical Account Manager. Unfortunately, we don’t work in Vancouver, we work remotely from the UK (I’m currently in my spare room/office), however, we do work the Canadian hours. I currently oversee 2 TAM’s with more being recruited, all varying in experience within the tax industry. A TAM is the main point of contact for our clients and are involved in the R&D claim at every step of the process so the client has one point of contact that they get to know over their time with us.

A TAM conducts the initial technical calls with clients to ensure that their projects are qualifying in line with CRA criteria and assists them in obtaining the required level of costing information and evidence for us to submit a claim (with the help from our Specialist Tax Consultants and Tax Analysts) which will go to CRA. We are also at the end of the phone should our clients have any questions or problems to do with their claims. Each TAM has their own client base and also deals with repeat claims (wherever possible), so we begin to build up a relationship with our clients over this time. We also work closely with accountants in order to assist our clients when they find it challenging to locate specific costing info they need to provide.

My clients are very wide-ranging from companies involved in agriculture to manufacturers of CBD products to breweries. No two days are the same at Catax Canada, and that’s what I enjoy about the role the most. I speak to clients on a regular basis, some I have worked with since I started here, others are brand new to the company, and it’s nice to see after all the work that goes into completing an SR&ED claim for a client the end result of them getting cashback (in a majority of cases).

Everyone that works at Catax Canada is passionate about ensuring that we maximize our claims for our clients, and generally, everyone works really well as a team on both sides of the world.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you, Rachel.

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