Catax helps donut business receive $40k for vegan recipe

Date: June 15, 2021

Catax Canada has helped Vancouver-based donut experts, Cartems, receive nearly $40,000 for SR&ED activity related to improving its vegan donut-making process.

Started by two good friends, Jordan & Rags, Cartems makes donuts from ingredients that are fresh, organic and local. Since the business began 10 years ago, the team have started early in the day, before the shop opened, to prepare all the donut dough they anticipate needing for the day, from the daily Earl Grey favourites to the customised speciality flavours like rose wine.

As business progressed and things got busier, Cartems wanted to experiment with the vegan donut cake dough recipe to see if there was a way it could be prepared ahead of time and then frozen allowing Cartems to create more batches as demand needed.

However, working with vegan donut cake dough can be difficult. Freezing the mixture overnight to speed up the process, without any additives or risers, can make the dough dense compared to the usual soft and fluffy texture. So the team at Cartems continue to work on this recipe for freezing so they can produce the perfect fluffy donut cake.

Cartems was unaware they could claim for their innovative work, whether successful or not, until they were introduced to one of our Regional Development Directors, Olivia Ho. As a result, Catax experts identified a valuable SR&ED claim benefit for the time spent and consumables wasted. Cartems also received money back for the purchase of a blast freezer – different from typical freezers – which was needed as part of the innovation process!

Cartems is continuing to perfect its processes and recipes and is looking forward to progressing with their next SR&ED claim. Go and try one of their donuts – enjoy the smiles, conversation and donuts!

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