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SR&ED in the Tech Industry

It’s no secret that the tech sector in Canada is a vibrant industry. .

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How Do I Qualify for SR&ED?

You might be surprised by what is eligible for SR&ED tax incentives. .

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The Ultimate SR&ED Application Guide: Top 5 Tips for SR&ED Success

Canada has one of the most generous tax credit programs in the world. The .

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Dining and Innovation: Uncovering Hidden Value in the Restaurant Industry

When we think of innovation in terms of scientific research & .

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Pharma has seen an R&D spending boom, but will it continue?

The last few years have been a particularly turbulent time for the .

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Case study: Solar energy specialist secures $40,000 in tax incentives

The Catax team recently helped a solar energy specialist secure $40,000 in .

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Not all innovation is born equal when it comes to SR&ED

Businesses undertake innovation all the time but when it comes to the tax .

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How contract agreements impact SR&ED claims

Just as there are pitfalls to watch out for when Canadian businesses form .

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Getting ahead on your tax returns is one easy New Year’s resolution

Can you believe it’s that time of the year again? As the cold draws in, .

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Avoiding the pitfalls of partnerships when making SR&ED claims

Canadian businesses of all types can claim research and development tax .

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Hockey season is here and it’s more innovative than ever

The NHL season has started and millions of us are tuning in to see our .

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Winter is here but innovation will help get us through!

White winters are a fact of Canadian life and most of us have learned how .

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